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  • What I Do

    AthleticaUS provides

    guidance, counsel and support for high-school student-athletes interested in next-level competitive opportunities in their sport.


    AthleticaUS offers

    a six-step program identifying appropriate collegiate programs and answering questions regarding such topics as NCAA and NAIA compliance, financial aid, and admissions requirements.


    AthleticaUS emphasizes

    the whole health of each student-athlete and aims to provide clear guidelines to follow prior to the application process. 


    Heartfelt congratulations! 


    You are a Student-Athlete positioned to consider opportunities in your sport at the next competitive level.

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  • About Coach Kath

    Information. Instruction. Inspiration.

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    On an early Saturday morning in the spring of 1972, a scrappy tomboy lined herself up on the track of the nearby college to race a 50-yard dash. Chalk lines carefully laid down the stretch, she looked left then right, at the competitors aligned; then straight ahead to a ribbon pulled across the finish line. Right then and there, she decided, “I shall (will) be first.”


    And she never looked back.


    Coach Kathy Devaney completed an award winning career in collegiate Field & Track, earning numerous conference titles and All-American honors three times in the discus. She participated in 3 National Championships. After competition, she coached for 8 years at California Polytechnic State University and tutored 13 All Americans and 2 National Champions.


    Following coaching, KathyD helped raise 4 children and coached them in their favorite sports. In addition to working with her own children, KathyD coached at the youth level for 16 years and assisted hundreds of young athletes pursuing the highest level of competition their skill, talent, interest, effort and family support allowed. Further, KathyD has served on numerous boards and nonprofits and has contributed to a wide range of community improvement causes.


    Kathy presently serves as Assistant Coach, Throws, at San Luis Obispo High School, where she has been since 2006; and continues to grow a program offering whole health opportunities to dozens of student-athletes each spring.


    Coach Kath lets her artistic side serve counterpoint to the joyful demands of rearing a family and coaching: she continues to play piano, perform with a cover band, paint rocks and bake delicious desserts.


    Even discipline takes a visionary break from time to time.

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    What a Hero Looks Like:

    Babe Didrikson Zaharias

    Mildred Ella "Babe" Didrikson Zaharias was an American athlete who excelled in golf, basketball, baseball and track and field. There just wasn’t anything she couldn’t do. As a girl, growing up in the pre Title IX ‘70s, Kathy identified. She was a natural athlete who could swing the bat, throw the football, race on foot with th’best of th’boys. 
    Coach Kath wanted to be as good as Babe who won two gold medals in track and field at the 1932 Summer Olympics; then made an easy shift to professional golf. Once again a natural, Babe won 10 LPGA major championships. While Kathy never reached this level of athletic prowess, Babe has remained an inspiration for Kathy's entire life. 
    Women up against it, persevering. These are what heroes have looked like to Coach Kath. Babe, Wilma Rudolph, Wyomia Tyus. 
    Making waves and staking claim.
  • Signature Service

    6 Steps to Success

    Identifying the Right School for your



    Warm Up

    30 minutes with Student-Athlete, 30 minutes together with Guardians. Q & A, based on Student-Athlete responses to intake questionnaire. 

    "Imagine! With all your mind."


    Based on answers and goals established in Session One, school search and detailed discussion begins.


    "Let yourself be successful."



    Choosing one or two programs, Student-Athlete is coached in composing, editing, forwarding emails of introduction to key coaches.

    "Believe! With all your heart."



    Follow up considerations, details, and preparation for next steps; discussion about college search and communication with coaches. 

    "Hustle for that Muscle."



    Personal meet-up with a “pro” in your sport, discussing the benefits and pitfalls of participating in collegiate athletics.

    "Achieve! With all your might." 


    Cool Down

    Final face to face; assistance with notes, links, resources, resume suggestions for scholarship application. How else can I help?

     "Finish Strong!"

  • Service Fees

    For the 6-Steps to the Success Signature Service

    30 Minute Consultation


    The 6 Sessions Package


  • Dear Guardians and Athletes, a Letter to You..

    Bring it in.

    How many times in my 35 years as a coach, have I used those words.


    All right everybody, bring it in.


    The final athlete arrives, the messing around settles down, training can begin. 90 minutes later, drills and conditioning complete, it’s wrap up.


    All right everybody, bring it in.


    You’re reading this because you realize it’s time to bring it in; time to offer legitimate, specific, focused direction to your college bound student-athlete. I’m glad you’re here. Your student-athlete will be glad you are here. Their academic counselors and potential college coaches will be glad you are here. Focus and direction are yours for the taking.


    My journey as an athlete, coach, parent, mentor has been blessed and challenged, in equal measure. I have arrived at this place to offer you the worthy and weighty best of those blessings and challenges. What I know about this process is a lot. Quite frankly, while my aptitude, experience and skill set reach across related topics, the greater emphasis of my expertise lies in connecting with young adults, aspiring student-athletes, teens working to figure out the road right before them. For them.


    This time just ahead is rougher than ever. It was laden with demands BEFORE the pandemic. These demands will not be letting up any time soon. What was already an uneven playing field, promises no leveling in the near future. Therefore, this is the right time for a well thought out plan. A time for your student-athlete to be given specific tools, empowering them to make decisions for themselves about what looks best for them; what feels best for them, their Best Next Step.

    Let’s bring it in. Let’s get it started.

    All th’Best,

    KathyD, Coach Momma D

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    "It’s not about being better than someone else…It’s about being better than you were yesterday." ~author unknown
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